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"If there is no struggle, there is no progress" - Frederick Douglass

Dear Parents,

In this changing scenario, while the world seems to be lurching from one crisis to another, all of us look for something to hold on to, hoping that the future will be bright.

When a child is born into a family, the infant adds a lot of joy and happiness, nevertheless of what is the predicament of a child as one grows in the family. The modern technology affects equally, to either 'build up' or to destroy one's life.

To establish a relationship of bonds in the families is a question mark. Creating a link between the adult and the children is a 'need' of the time. A link between the existing people of old age to the existing teenagers and adolescents. A link between the understanding concepts of seniors, when they were young, with the current toddlers and teenagers, who are now young.

I tend to remember the few terms that 'the adult generation' may think of versus 'the younger generation's understanding' of a few terms.

Once there was a time, when 'window' was just a grave hole in the room and 'application' was something written on paper; when 'keyboard' was a piano and 'mouse' was just an animal; Where 'file' was an important office material and 'hard drive' was just an uncomfortable road trip; When 'cut' was done with knife and 'paste' was with glue; when 'web' was a spider's home and 'virus' a flu; when 'apple' and 'blueberry' were just fruits and that was the time when we had a lot of time for families and friends.

But now, children are stuck to the computers, and gadgets of varieties, engrossed in being just a spectator rather than inventors and creators. The young are ready to be entertained rather than entertaining others. Less do they know, that they have the vibrancy to link the gaps between the generations in the family.

Once, they realize their role in the family and society, we can affirm without any doubt that 'Progress' is never a dream. It is always a distant reality and when once, one milestone is achieved, we are left with another, waiting to be crossed. Young would never feel being pressurized or under stress as they would be busy being creative inventors of something new.

Sr. Paulette


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